Why "Fish sticks"?

While at craft festivals I’m often asked about my logo. “Where’d you come up with that?”, Or “Why a fish?”


Here’s the skinny:


“Sticks” represents the wood I work with to create my products. I begin with random parts of trees: knots, branches, roots, stumps. Or simply, sticks.


The Fish represents Christ. It is an ichthus, a symbol of Christianity originally used by early believers as a sign of their faith. To draw an ichthus was to say, “I am a Christian”.

Here’s how I tie that in to my business logo:


In searching for my “sticks” that I use in my craft, I merely walk around in the woods and look for parts of downed trees that I like. When I find them they are quite rough and unusable in their current condition. They are typically covered in dirt. Many have ants or termites inside them, moss growing on them, and rocks embedded in them. Some have even started to decay, and left to the elements, they would all slowly decompose and disappear.